Hello Friends, Nowadays people are looking for the Best AIR Conditioner with good performance, best features and fit in budget. But they not getting best result according to their desire. So we are here to solve your problems so that you find a product which suits your needs.

We select the best products and give you with their reviews that are perfect for you.
We will provide you the best AIR Conditioner that fulfill your all needs with newest and latest features that will be cost less. But in the performance & features they are best for you.

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You will find thousands of guidelines for buying air conditioners in the markets. But this guideline is not able to meet the shortcomings of public interest. The result of which is seen later. If you are also looking for an AC for yourself, then it is necessary to have a good buying guide. Which can cater to the needs of a customer by removing all the problems. Some buying guides are given below.

  • ROOM SIZE:- The size of the room to cool a room by AC also depends. This is an important guide to buying an AC Because if the AC is given more than the size of the room, then the chances of overloading the AC increases.
  • SMART HOME COMPATIBILITY:- A smart home is perfect for the smart AC. In which it helps to integrate smart devices in your house to smart AC. And AC becomes handy to use.
  • WEATHER:- The weather also depends on buying an AC. Because in the high-temperature places a normal room needs more and more AC to keep the room temperature.
  • NUMBER OF OCCUPANTS:- Buying an AC also depends on the number of occupants in a room. the crowded room loads the more and extra heat. Such as offices, schools, colleges, etc. so a normal room needs stronger units of AC.
  • NOISE LEVEL:- If you have an infant in your house. So you need a noiseless AC. Split AC fulfills your needs and it also best for light sleepers.


There is no better way than an AC to beat the ever-increasing heat. By the way, air conditioners are of different types. Those are made according to the size, temperature and atmosphere of the room. Different types of brands and company air conditioners are available in the markets. Which has a different capacity, different features, and quality. But it becomes very difficult to decide which AC will prove to be better for you.


In the market available different type of air conditioner that can be cost less and cost effective. But some air conditioners have made their way into the hearts of people. Everyone wants to buy a good little one that is light in weight, low in price, and which has a great feature and look.



Window Air Conditioner

These types of Air Conditioners are mostly used in India. The Window AC are Classic in design, perfect in look, and strong in performance. Window AC is best option for Indian middle class people because it minimum generate 1 -1.5 ton AC. Top rating window AC helps in cutting down of electricity usage as well.

Advance Features of Window AC

  • Thermostat
  • Air Direction Control
  • Adjustable Fan Speed
  • Programmable OR Automatic Timer
  • Air Filter Type
  • Energy Star Rating
  • Remote Control


Split Air Conditioner

Split Air Conditioner is the advance model of AC. It includes newest, latest and extra features that makes it classic AC. The Split AC are mostly used in high temperature places because With its rapid cooling feature, Split AC brings the temperature down to 18 ° C in just 45 seconds and it also helps in giving you energy. Split AC also has a built-in WiFi feature. So you can control the AC from anywhere.

Advance Features of Split AC

  • Advanced Controls
  • Variable Speed Systems
  • Air Direction Control
  • Remote Control
  • Energy Efficiency Rating
  • Adjustable Fan Speed
  • Quiet Operation


Portable Air Conditioner

A Portable AC comes with new advanced features and perfect looks. It is easily available in the market. These AC are light in weight. you can carry these air conditioners everywhere. But a portable AC does not work without an exhaust hose. They have to be vented to the outside because they are extracting the hot air that you want released outside of the room.

Advance Features of portable AC

  • Controls
  • Auto Restart
  • Heater Option
  • Louvre and Swing
  • CFM & Noise Level
  • EER
  • UL Safety
  • Timer


Even after getting reviews of different types of air conditioners, we are not able to disassemble it. Which AC would be good for us. So to overcome this problem, we will tell you the difference between window AC and split AC. Also we will talk about their advanced features, capacity, quality, and quantity.

Window AC VS Split AC

Window Air Conditioner Split Air Conditioner
Window Air Conditioner has a single unit. So Heat exchangers, compressors, connecting pipes and motors are placed on the same base.The Split Air conditioner consists of two units – Indoor Unit & Outdoor unit
These Air Conditioners occupies more space than Split Air Conditioners.These Air Conditioners occupies less space.
It generates more noise than Split AC.It generates less noise compared to Window AC.
Window AC is easy to serviceability.Split AC is difficult to serviceability.
The Installation is easy in the Window Air Conditioner.The Installation is not easy in Split AC.
Maxium capacity of Window AC is 2.0Ton.It Capacity is not restricted to 2.0 Ton.
Multiple cooling unit is not possible.Multiple cooling unit is possible.
Cheaper than the split AC for the same tonnageCostlier than Window AC for the same tonnage

Air Conditioner (AC) Selecter

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